Wednesday, November 8, 2017


I got this gadget and tested it myself and a few of my friends too.. all are having great result even with just 1 wash and treatment. Before it launch I still have doubts about this product, but after myself first trial, I can immediately see my pores less visible. My personal result which I observe after using this Lumispa for 2 weeks. 

  1. my skin become more radiant 
  2. my skin become more brighter 
  3. laughing lines become less visible 
  4. pores become smaller 
  5. firmer skin more lifted 
  6. of course very clean and purified 

above picture without any filter and editing, just one wash, can you see the different? It is simply amazing on the effect it has even with just one wash. I really can't imagine how our skin will improved with 2 times a day. 

Another reason I like about this Lumispa is because I don't need make up removal (except for eyes). I can just using this lumispa and kill many birds at once. (remove make up, cleansing, treating at the same time). 

2 minutes wash, 2 times a day, giving me 7 benefits!!! 

I believe this is a gadget that every woman dream to have! 

November pre launching soon!! grabs yours or ask me more questions if you have. Click here 

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