Tuesday, October 10, 2017

ONE TWO Lash Review

I bought this from US. It had plenty of good reviews on it and so I thought to give it a try, what if it is really as good as it claim? What if I no need to do eyelash extension or mascara and yet have the same beautiful effect in just seconds? 

The one I bought is Original Lash priced at USD69.00 (ok have to add on shipping fees and also kena tax by custom at Malaysia) so it was around nearly RM400.

The lash packaging is very luxury and heavy... very good quality packaging...

I tried putting it on and most of the review said i need to take a few minutes to maybe over 10 minutes to get the hang of it. Well I tired more than an hour to put them on, to the near perfect I finally get it on.. as near as possible to my eyes lids. . To apply is easy if u keep practising it for a period of time.. however, I don't really like the effect it has on me.. the lash doesn't look natural.. you may see the top picture.. my best ever tried on these lashes.. it look like two straight lashes on it.. the edges is not curvy to my eyes shape..and the end too.. plus the center joining point also look awkward!!! :(

so very normal always i do very very badly on left eyes .. even with mascara or other make up.. maybe due to i am right handed.. hahahaha

so far the best I managed to do it.. from far look ok.. but once u get nearer you will see it not as good compare to mascara or eyelash extension..

apply partly

this is what I mean when u see closely.. 

from side view you also can see it quite obviously not sticked to shape of your lashes and eyes. . 

I am not a everyday make up person.. and pardon on my no filter pictures reviews here.. :P the lash to me is overpriced and also it doesn't as good as it claimed to me.. or maybe I still haven't get to know how to apply it properly.. :) I think I will get back to mascara and once in a blue moon eyelash extension.. to me the effect of natural and pretty very important. 

I hope this review help with some of them whom would like to try this. :)

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