Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Experience of Hurricane Irma

You might be wonder this Yvonne went missing again for weeks. Yes, me and my Marcus boy went to Florida to attend The Avatar Master Course. What a surprise to us is we never expect to experience the strongest ever Hurricane for Florida state in the past 57 years. 

Well, as Malaysian, this is our very first time in life experiencing a Hurricane. We are kind of excited to be honest. :P Marcus is anticipating and imaging a lot what will happen when it hit our area. He has non stop questions about it. 

We also learned what's is Hurricane and what is Tornado. Both has different characteristic to it. So the one we experienced with is Hurricane Irma. We learned together what to do when the wind hit us, i.e. stay away from the window, protect ourselves with blankets or something soft, stock up foods and etc. (well, we never had to do all these back in Malaysia, so we really have no any clue on this)

What surprised me is when I went to Publix (the supermarket) most of the shelves was empty!! Specially those ready to eat food like cans, breads, waters etc. But lucky our hotel is just right opposite a Publix, so we still managed to get waters and foods prior before the Hurricane Irma hit us. 

Above pic is our stocks prepared to welcome Hurricane Irma. hahaha very well prepared right?? :P 
Below is the empty shelves at Publix supermarket. 

The wind and rain start to get stronger even way before hitting Orlando, it started from afternoon time around 2pm, winds get stronger and stronger. Time passes and is night time, we quickly get ourselves showered (might have no water during the storm). then the electric start to went on and off a few rounds then its totally off for almost 30 hours. The winds hit our area is middle of the night time, so we were actually sleeping it through.. hahahaha .. so no much feel in fact! @_@

 after the electricity went off, Marcus boy make a shelter for himself with his friend in between two bed with comforter cover to protect themselves.. haha it looks so fun to him, and he really sleep on the floor with the comforter whole night!!! Just like CAMPING!!!

outside our room window after the electricity went off. 

It is a cool experience to both of us. Maybe we didn't witnessed the strongest point when it pass by Orlando, so it is like a super super heavy rain in KL that might cause trees to falls and flooded. and we can see the whole trees is moving and swinging.. Hotel kept the table inside the swimming pool and kept away all the loose item like chairs etc from outdoor. 

This is basically our summary of this experience. What's most suffering is no electricity for 30 hours, meaning can only eat sandwiches etc. we not getting use to this. Our flights home get delayed a few days due to no seat available. It affected another trips of mine and very heartache about it still. 

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