Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Nuskin Enhancer Review

This is my own lips.. I have this allergy lips once in a while.. what cause this problem am really not sure.. when allergy attack my lips, it will get very dry at the edges of the lips and it start pealing skins and when it get to an extend that when i open my mouth wide, I will feel it cracks and pain.. it can get serious sometimes until bleeding if i didn't treat it as soon as I can when this problem occurs.. Usually I will need to see doctor to get some oilment to treat this condition, until one day i tried this Enhancer Skin Conditioning . it heals in about 2 days time.. what i did is just keep applying to the edges of the lips.. the same lips problem my son who is 8 years old also encounter too.. so the same thing I did applied to his lips and it gets better in 2 days... 

this is really a very good skin conditioning gel that my whole family is using it for.. 

hubby: use it for sunburn after his jogging (he dislike apply sun block)
kids: apply when got mozzie bites and skin dryness
me: other than use on the lips actually I use it on my ezema too.. its help to calm and sooth my skins and reduce itchiness very effectively..

So now I am in love with another product that make my lips look healthier and juicer.. I will share it in another post maybe in the short future. 

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