Friday, August 25, 2017

Camping at Hutan Lipur Lentang

It is our second camping this time and we are all gear up with our own tent this round. The last round we were renting it from the Back to Nature in Malaysia. After the first camping we are ready for more camping so we decided to purchase our very own tent. 

Kids enjoying running around and playing water in the stream, mommy enjoy foods, friends and activities together, daddy enjoy playing fire (don't play play his fire survived through out the night till morning even with two times raining. Just for them to sleep and play inside the tent they are already super happy!! kids are simple and easy actually!!!

Kids really enjoyed a lot outdoor activity like this, and this is very educational activities for our city kids that almost everyday playing with gadgets. Back to nature is a good idea for them to back to basic as well. It is a great family activities as well as a group activities. And it is good for them to experience themselves than learning through pictures only, they actually see giant spider and variety of animals and insects alive!! :) yeah, not like our own childhood time that we get to play in the longkang to catch longkang fish already!! 

For less hassle we actually went with Back to Nature in Malaysia for the first time at Sg Congkak and this is our second time with them to Hutan Lipur Lentang. Calvin is the owner of Back to Nature in Malaysia, he organised the whole trips for us including foods. Calvin is funny and very friendly. He and his helper cooking is good too (same with his goal natural and yummy) So as a beginner camper it is much easier for us because we have less things think worry about. If you are beginner and thinking to try camping only without spending a bomb for that you can also opt to rent the tent from him too. You may go to his facebook to join one of his 2 day 1 night parent-kids camping trips that schedule on weekend and holiday. It is a good options for you to consider about. Calvin also has juggle trekking / hiking for us too, can you imagine 28 kids went on hiking?? hahahaha

(ops.. got his phone number here too, you can call him to check his camping trips if you want) 

As for us, we actually doing it private with him, yeah we have 12 families this times and he is like cooking a kenduri each meal. hahaha :P 

Ok talk about this camp site, it has a lot of rocks here and there (really huge one) and the place is quite big as we cant accomodate all 12 families at the same zone, so we have 3 different zone and 1 cooking area. so you can imagine how wild our kids can run?? it is also a good thing for them to explore the forest too in a way :) It is hot and humid maybe due to a lot of tree covering it up and no much wind. The water stream is good and safe for kids to play with (just is muddy due to raining the time we went).

Location: It is accessible from Karak Highway (waze: Lentang Recreational Forest)
activities: camping, playing water in the stream, hiking, juggle trekking, bbq
entrance fees: RM2 / adult 
Camping fees: if you go with Back to Nature Malaysia then this will taken care by them, if not you will need to pay yourself when enter the entrance (fees unknown - should be less than RM20 per camp)

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