Thursday, January 8, 2015

Abandon Blog

Recently when conversation with friends or friend's friends... they will say well your blog is very famous and even their friend at oversea is reading it... I am a little bit surprise.. since i had like almost abandon my blog here.. very very seldom update yet someone will say they know about my blog.. feel happy and yet guilty at the same times as I got no much time updating here... there are a few reasons why I am so quiet here.. 

no.1: busy - am really with my works, and kids... 
no.2: I start to concern about security and exposure.. well you know our society today are very different from the day I start blogging many years ago.. it is so dangerous to be expose too much in the public internet.. 
no.3: priority changed - time management changed.. focus on what's more important at the moment of time... so blogging become least important and thus seldom blog already..

I will try my best to keep updating here.. I promised :) this is 1 of my 2015 new year resolution.. 

I got something which i appreciate a lot happened in year 2014.. it change my life.. I will share that on my next post.. :) 

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