Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Marcus' first time on stage - Parents' Day Performance

It was my Marcus' first time on stage.. I received the letter from school about there is an event on this up coming weekend on that week.. but I didn't know what to expect for it.. on that Friday one day before the event, teacher remind me to come when I picked up Marcus from school.. saying that they will have performance on stage.. they will sing to us.. and I was like "really?? my marcus will sing??" I really underestimate my little boy.. 

It was so so so surprise for me because it was his first time on stage.. and also is my first time seeing him doing a proper performance.. I feel so great and proud about my little Marcus.. to me he did very well already!!! It really touches my heart on his little achievement and performance like this.. really happy.. I don't know how to describe the feeling of seeing him on stage like this.. it was just so emotional and touching for me.. but I am not sure about how other parent feel.. I actually tears up.. :) 

He was actually dancing.. I can't believe my eyes.. he dances at home.. but it was all on his own and can't tell what he is dancing normally.. but look he is actually doing the same action as others.. am really a proud parent at that moment.. Bravo my little Marcus.. 

 his class performance also give me a shocked.. he is singing.. he is singing.. most of the time at home.. i can't really tell what he is singing about.. I know he is singing but can't really hear what he sing and the lyrics.. but looks.. he is singing there.. feeling really awesome about it.. 

he notice me down here and give me a silly face like this.. 

he was keep looking and searching around.. tons of parents all standing up and holding their phones and camera recording this precious moment of their kids.. he keep looking left and right.. I think he want to know I am here for him.. he want to find where I am.. look he smiles finally when he saw me here.. and this is the moment where i start to tears up.. it was just too touching for me.. he is just too cute.. (at least for that moment I really do think he is cute!! :P) 

oh dear.. my little boy is no longer so little anymore.. he has grown up so much.. how i wish he is still a little baby that let me hugging all the time.. the little boy who will lean his head over my shoulder.. the little manja boy.. I don't know how to describe this feeling.. it was really wonderful to see this.. thanks to the school and teachers.. really appreciate this a lot..  

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