Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy Father's day 2014

Overdue post!!

This year i decided to create something more meaningful for hubby this year father's day.. so what's more i created a photo montages video for him.. 

started this in my mind for quite sometimes.. and trying to captured some moment of him with the kids at home.. of course u can see many hp pictures.. i specially love the one he and Zoe lying on the floor one.. both botak head.. :P 

the video at the end is the most difficult part.. i have records many many times until i get what i want.. u know kids doesn't listen to commands.. susah sikit la.. but I love the way they said love you papa.. so sweet.. 

to my hubby.. the daddy to my three kids.. thank you for the support you gave all these while.. just like the song u are one of the great father out there.. we know you are working hard to bring back the bread and butter.. to give us a better living.. thanks for all the hard works done.. we know you are stress at times for works.. we can't do anything to help.. but we wish you all the best.. and we will be here with you to wave through all these up and down together.. 

Happy Father's Day!!!

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