Friday, June 20, 2014

5°C Bread Recipe

recently is having fun with breads making.. and I really enjoy it myself.. made these breads and have a great chit chat with some friends.. 
 Chicken floss bread
 Hams with cheese
 Red beans flower bun
 sausage bun.. 
assorted breads ready!!! 

5°C Recipe (from net unknow source)

Sponge dough
Bread flour 214g
Yeast 2g
water 128g
method: mixed all ingredient to make it a dough, then cling wrap it and leave it to proof for 4-5 hours in room temperature, then transfer it into fridge to continue proofing between 12-16 hours.
this is how it look like after 16 hours inside the fridge. full of bubbles holes.. 

Dough recipe: 

Ingredients A:
Bread flour 92g
Milk: 12g 
yeast: 7g 
salt: 5g 
sugar: 61g 
milk powder: 12g 
egg: 30g

Ingredient B: 
Butter 45g

  1. Mixed ingredients A together with sponge dough and knead ( i used thermomix about 2.5m, if use other mixture need longer time). Then add in ingredient B (butter) into the dough and until to knead until the dough become elastic and smooth. You will be able to make a thin nearly transparent window from the dough. 
  2. Leave the dough aside cover with cling wrap for 10 minutes. Then start cutting the portion you require. Shape into anything you desire and place it on the baking tray cover with cling wrap and continue to proof for 60 min or until double in size. 
  3. brush egg wash then decor the top by sprinkle some cheese, seed etc.. 
  4. bake in preheated oven 160°C 12-14 min until golden brown. 
taa daa.. ready let it cool down and serve. this is so far the best recipe i tried before. :) happy trying. 

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