Thursday, May 29, 2014

Puppet Sewing - Art and Craft

Because of the Hand Food Mouth Decease.. so I need to have some activity for Marcus and Chloe to do.. and we did this in one of those day.. :) 

Recently bought some sewing craft from Evil Eva's Poison (you may click it to access to her page) at a real good price at RM5 each craft.. This is a very good activity to do with my kids too.. both Chloe and Marcus also enjoy it very much.. It need focus and good hand eye coordination.. Marcus did it all by himself just need me to help on the sticking part.. while Chloe will power is shorter.. hehe.. she can't finish sewing it and have a mood swing.. so till now still haven't complete yet.. will let her play again when she is in the mood again.. :P 

 The package come with everything you need to do this craft except scissor for cutting the double side tape to stick the mouth tummy and so no.. 

Look my cutie Chloe.. she is really too cute.. :P

Here my marcus at work.. 

 He sew everything by himself.. now we just need to stick stick stick to complete it.. 
 I put the tape and he peel and stick.. 
 Taa daa.. completed.. it tooks him abt an hour to complete this.. 
it is a puppet.. can had fun making it and then play with it.. how nice right??? :P

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