Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Am I really a Mother of 3???

ok.. I know I am neglecting my blog here.. but I am really busy after the arrival of my 4th baby last year September.. sometimes I do feel bad also because I didnt update much about their progress and development.. then I will tend to forget and can't remember all the details of our life.. I do hope that I can have more time so I can be updating here more often.. 

mother's day are around the corner already.. and yet I still can't imagined that I am now actually a mother of 3!! lol.. you might have laughing out loud now.. but I am serious.. I never imagine the "I" today.. suddenly I feel I am so old.. so fat.. so "yellow".. so out of fashion.. so "auntie"... 

After become a mother I lost many things too.. but in exchange i got something even more value able assets... which are my kids.. 

I got remarks before "can't you just come out to have dinner or to have a trips with us? not asking you to come every week what.. just once a year!! like that also cannot??" yeah it sound ridiculous that this simple thing also cannot be done by me!! but to me this statement really hurt sometimes.. if u are more understanding and standing and thinking from my shoes you might not even talking this way.. and comparing me to other mothers who can be free to goes out to have dinners and trips.. I really wish I could!! maybe one day when my kids are older.. then I might be able to do so.. but not NOW!!

still in surprise that I had delivered to 4 babies and 3 kids I had now.. they are cute and adorable.. I hope they all grown up well and good.. be healthy.. 

I am mother of 3.. I am a driver.. a baker.. a teacher.. a photographer for my kids.. a counsellor.. a nutritionist.. a cook.. a doctor (sometimes) for my kids.. a friend.. a milk machine now :)... I am anything can be for my kids.. if they need me to.. 

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers out there!!

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小婷 said...

Bravo. And great job!!


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