Friday, March 28, 2014

The Big Bad Box Sale

Yeah... the cheapest books ever I bought!! Where and how you must be curious!! The BIG BAD BOX SALE at MIECC which happening now till 21 - 30 March 2014. 
It is also the most creative sales I see so far.. they sell you the box, instead of books.. then you can squeeze in as many books as you want into the box and only one rules is that they must be able to seal your box without "FORCE"!! so the more books you managed to fix into the box the average cost per book will be lower!! so being a kiasu auntie myself.. I managed to squeeze in 60 books into BOX B, which come to about RM1.67 per book only!!! What a steal right?? I feel so proud of myself!! hahahaha.. the kiasu auntie survive and made it a worth buy!! 

The cost of the box they sell there.. 

 hurry up if you don't want to miss this sales.. 3 more days to go.. hope is not too late to share this to you!!
The location map is as below. 
the above pictures are all source from

remember to bring trolley/stroller to help you to carry the box and books.. it is really heavy if you want to carry it by yourself.. 

one last reminder and tips for you.. 
 Marcus with the box!!!
 and looks these are the 60 books we managed to crammed in!! Most of it of course is kids story books.. 

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