Monday, March 3, 2014

Registration to Primary School in Malaysia

oh yeah.. pardon my quietness recently at here.. been really busy with my 3 kids and all the chores and works.. would like to share something I did today for my eldest son Marcus.. how to register to Primary school 1??

When can you start registering your kids to school? 
Ans: when they are age 5 or going to be age 5 in that particular year.. registration start from 1 March on every year. 

Where to register?
Ans: If you stay at Selangor, you need to do online registration first @
If other state, you may proceed directly to the school to que and register. 

What to do after register online? 
  1. Print the page of your online registration. 
  2. Photostat your kids MyKid card
  3. Photostat your kids Birth Cert 
  4. Photostat both parents IC / guardian's 
  5. Photostat utilities bills (they accept only TNB / Water bill) 
  6. Photostat your marriage cert
  7. White Envelop with size 6" x  9" with stem of RM0.60 and written your own house address and name. 
Then proceed to the school you want with all the documents listed above together with the original documents for their verification. You need to take queue number and fill in a forms then submit the documents.. 

Taa.. daa.. is done.. and you can only check the status of your registration in the following year by end of July @

Notes: the school I am registering is ok with the birth cert lamination. they just stick a white colour label sticker and chop on it at the back of the birth cert. and they too prepare and sell the envelop with stem there too in case you didn't prepared. 

Another phrase of parenting.. mixed feeling.. they growing up too fast!!

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