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This morning I read this story of Baby Elynna making me tears.. and can't help to feel sad and sorry for her.. she shared the same birthday with my baby Zoe.. and how much I thank GOD that my babies are all healthy.. so we're writing a cheque for donation for this little baby.. and I hope to help by spreading this message to all of my readers and hope you may help by donating a little to help this poor little baby.. 

I sincerely wish she will be fine after the liver transplant.. Just now I hugged Zoe so tight.. knowing she is healthy and Thank GOD for everything HE gave me.. 

Please read the full story below and how to donate are stated clearly at the bottom..

We would like to appeal for donation for this little girl's medical condition. She is diagnosed with Biliary Atresia, a rare liver disorder that affects newborn babies.
(click here for more info on Biliart Atresia:http://www.kidshealth.org.nz/biliary-atresia)
Baby Elynna is 5.5 months old. She urgently need funds for a liver transplant surgery in Singapore. They are currently under University Hospital Malaysia. Currently the local hospitals does not perform liver transplant surgery for babies and toddlers, they only perform for older children and adults. So they were recommended to go Singapore for the liver transplant surgery.
Liver transplant surgery and liver compatibility tests is an estimated cost of SGD230,000 including hospitalization fees. Potential living related donors assessment estimated cost is SGD5,000-10,000. After a liver transplant, she will be required to stay in Singapore for 2-3 months for follow-up check up, post op doctor consultation fees and liver rejection treatments.
RM1million is what estimated by their doctor.
Their plight has been published in the China Press newspaper http://www.chinapress.com.my/node/507904)
Kind souls who wish to donate money for Elynna's liver transplant procedure,
kindly bank in the money to YAYASAN NANYANG PRESS account and remember to indicate "ELYNNA CHEAH".
Cash: Submit the money to China Press office
Cheque deposit/Account :
Acc name :Yayasan Nanyang Press
Acc no: 048 002 06093
After donation, please email the print screen or picture of the bank in slip to
charityhome@chinapress.com.my or
fax to 03-22833519 along with your english and chinese name, contact number and address.
All donations are allowable for tax deduction.
Any inquires please contact 03-22896101 for more info.
She was born in Sept 23, 2013, everything was perfectly normal
At her day 4 of life, we got admitted to Sungai Buloh Hospital for phototherapy due to her 292umol/L jaundice level. When her jaundice down to 264.4umol/L, we got discharged at her day 6 of life.
We went to klinic kesihatan every alternate day for her jaundice level test. On her day 15th of life, her jaundice level dropped till 160umol/L. Nurse informed us that this is the safe level and we don't have to do the blood test anymore.
During her 1st month Hep B injection, they never notice about her jaundice.
All the while she was having this pale colour stools but since that we are first-time parent and she was the first breastfed baby in the house, we never notice that its not a normal colour stool. ( I did notice that her stool was paler than other breastfed babies, but google told me that as long as the stool colour is not "white/black", they are absolutely normal )
At her 49do, we went back to klinic kesihatan for her jaundice level test. The blood result shows that her jaundice level 170umol/L(not high). But still, we consult doctor and she arrange us for liver function blood and urine test. (I was confident that my baby is just breastfeeding jaundice)
We went to Tong Shin Hospital.Doctor Chew Bee Bee suspect that our girl might be a "Biliary Atresia" baby accordingly to her situation. She has pale stool, look jaundice and dark colour urine. And to treat this, she will have to go through a major operation which called Kasai.
21.11.13, we got admitted to PPUM and ready for the following tests. Such as blood test, urine test, collect stool samples and ultrasound scanning to confirm if she is Biliary Atresia. Doctors collected samples and the colours were pale.
24.11.13 Its was a very tough night for everyone of us. She been fasting for tomorrow's operation. She been crying due to hungry.
25.11.13, The nurses came and pick her up at 9am. We've been sitting outside the operation theater wishing that we could see her after 1 hour which mean that she is not a Biliary Atresia but just minor blocked ducts. As the times goes by, we knew that its was not what we wished. I refuse to admit until someone came out from the theater and tell us that she is inside doing her Kasai. I can't manage to accept this as in I can't stop my tears.
It has been the longest 6 hours of my life waiting for my daughter. The surgeon's word calmed me. Everything was fine. I can see my daughter around 45 minutes later after they get her wound stitched.
She was out from the theater heading toward PICU. My great daughter, you do kept your promise that we will be seeing each other later....
She spent a night in PICU and was sent to 6th floor (after operation) wads the next morning. She look a bit swollen and drowsy caused by her medication.
Day 4 post Kasai, doctor removed her bandages, said that her wounds will heal faster without them. This is the very first time we seen her wound with our own eyes although doctor did prescribe how would it be before. It's very heartache to see.
She have to be on fasting to make sure her inner wound heal first before she can eat. She was on drip for the nutrition support. She was allowed to be fed on day 5.
Her recovery is excellent. She is getting more energized and happy.
The immediate miracle didn't really happened on her as her stool was back to her previous pale color after her operation. Doctor said it might take times to see the improvement, just give it more time. Its still too early to judge if the operation is a failure or success.
She had to take at least 6 types of medicines. A 2 month old baby who need to take these much medicines.
2.12.13 We got discharged, but we need to stick with our future follow up plan. If there is any fever, continuously vomiting or ascending jaundice caused fever, we need to go back to the hospital immediately.
We need to make sure that everything in the house are very clean and create a dust-free environment for her. Taking care of her just like taking care of any others babies. She cried she laughed she is playful just like an ordinary child.
Being a first-time parent with a sick child, we are too panic when we noticed she got her flu,cough, a bit blood when she pass motion, and one-time sudden vomit. All the while we was rushing to the hospital emergency to make sure that she is fine.
Day 16 post kasai, her wound healed perfectly. Just a little ascites that made her belly button is a little bit out. We were worried if this won't get better before her 1yo. She might need to undergo another operation to fix this. Please no.
Her favorite moment was definitely bathing, she enjoy it all the time.She is a happy and active baby that you can never imagine what she has been through.She is full of cute expression. She learned how to hold her own bottle; she love to put her hand into her mouth; she practice how to lift her chest up; she was so talkative with her uncle; Together, we crossed 2013.
Daddy's duty every midnight, preparing her next-day medicines.
8.1.14 Our first follow up with gastro. Her bilirubin level dropped from the previous 171 to 94. I can finally see her non-yellow skin color and eyes. I gained my confident that she will be better sooner or later.
Our happy moment gone after her second gastro follow up. Her bilirubin bounce up to 130. She look more jaundice and her pale stool is back.
She never cry when they took her blood for her third gastro follow up.
Her third follow up blood test result shows that her bilirubin are increased to 217. If the jaundice level keeps on ascending, there is a possibility of bleeding.
This is her first fever ever after her 3 months post kasai. Its was treated as ascending cholangitis, one of the complication of the operation.
Her bad nose blocked, fever and cough made her breathing fast and need to put her oxygen mask on.
She developed ascites, and its getting more and more serious. Her tummy look big, bigger.
The bile is not flowing.. Her pale stool is back..
Her tummy is getting bigger and bigger which disturb her breathing.
Ascites is one of the complication of kasai. Hopefully it can be control by meds.
Her liver condition now is Cirrhosis already and now going to fail.
(Cirrhosis is scarring of the liver and poor liver function. It is the final phase of chronic liver disease. There is no cure for Cirrhosis, treatment is to slow down the liver damage and manage the symptons)
Once the liver failed totally, she might not be able to live.
The transplant need to be done as soon as possible before her first birthday.
Please donate as much as your heart desire, every small amount counts.
Thank you and please also keep her in your prayers for good health and good recovery 

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