Thursday, January 2, 2014

Gd Express Sdn Bhd (gdex)- Worst Courier Service!

Ok.. now I just need to let go out anger.. am a frustrating customer of Gdex Express Sdn Bhd!! There is an urgent parcel that sent to me via Gdex on 24 Dec 2013. to my horror until today I haven't receive the item!!! 
I had called the help desk which is most not helpful at all to check the status of the parcel!! I think I called at least 4 times in different day!! 3 times to 03-77876677 and 1 times to their Shah Alam branch 03-55487413.. every call I given the tracking consignment number.. and yet they will ask me for my address and phone number again!! don't they can see it from their system?? ok never mind.. given the details and all.. then they say will call me back after checking.. ok i am naive enough to believe they will call back.. one time.. second time.. 3rd time.. no calls from them at all!! and today the shah alam branch girl did call back and inform they will make sure it is send out today.. ok I am happy for a moment.. but it never reached until now!!! calling their helpdesk number at 5.30pm and no body pick up!! 
and this is not the first time Gdex delayed delivery of  parcel that I encounter personally!! 

I am an angry bird now!!


Lee Mei Li said...

Hi there Yvonne!

How do you do?

I'm a journalist for Star2, The Star newspaper's feature section. I stumbled upon your blog Seven2SevenMom recently and was wondering if you might be a suitable person to talk to regarding a Chinese New Year story that I plan to do.

Hope to hear from you soon! :)

Thank you so much!

Mei Li
Star2 journalist

YvOnNe Fong said...

Hi, please give me your email address to talk further. Thansk.


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