Thursday, January 2, 2014

1st Day in New Kindergarten!

Today school reopen.. and this year we change Marcus to a new school because we want to prepare him for a better Chinese foundation.. but this mummy pulak worry if he can adapt in the new school.. new environment.. new language aka Mandarin (cause he never speak any Mandarin so far).. The anxiety feeling is quite high (for me).. but I know eventually he will adapt and love this school too.. He doesn't seem really bothered about it either.. just this morning when I told him I am leaving and will be back to fetch him later.. he pursed his lips and eyes getting red a little bit.. but he didn't cry.. he is a good boy.. and he is getting ready to explore more on his own with his new teacher and new friends.. I wish he get use to it soon.. and maybe is just the mother need to adapt not him!! sound sarcastic but its truth!! Always is the mother who is not ready!! hahahaha.. 

Oh well.. my little boy is no longer very little anymore!! tsk.. tsk.. 

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Teacher Carine miss Marcus boy a lot and wishing him enjoying in the new school as well as stay happy all the time =)


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