Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tupperware Shape-O-Toy Review

I received this toys for reviews from Tupperware Brand Malaysia. It is a good toys I would say. 

Both Chloe and Marcus enjoy playing with it. :) But I only manage to take picture of Chloe playing with it only. :P

Toy: Shape O
Brand: Tupperware

What I like about this toys? 
  1. Durable - high quality plastic that however my kids throw on the floor and bang on the wall it still stay the same shape and not breakable.. 
  2. Toxic Free - its material is toxic free and BPA - you know our kids like to put whatever inside their mouth, so this is good and worry free for me if they do so.. 
  3. Educational value - we can teach the kids about shapes, colours, and numbers.. 
  4. Developmental bonus - its help to improve our kids hand-eyes coordination
  5. Safe - the edges of all the shapes and the balls are rounded, which doesn't cut and feel painful to play with for their little hands.. 
ok now, let's explore how my kids play with it??
  1. Throw & roll like a ball - Marcus loves to play it as a ball.. and with the shapes inside it mades sounds and he is happy with it.. 
  2. Matching shapes and putting it in
  3. As a Rattle
  4. Stacking up and lining games with the shapes!! 
  5. when playing with playdough it can also be a shape cutter!! 
  6. counting numbers 
  7. Imaginary play - my Marcus boy using the shapes and imagine it as cookies and serve me with shape cookies and also make it his cooking ingredients 
It's really funny to see them playing with this toys so creatively!! 

Chloe playing sorting shapes and putting in.. look how concentrate she was.. :) my cute little girl.. 
she shake shake shake as a rattler!! 

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