Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bedtime - The Struggles of Mother of 3

I have been promoted to be mother of 3 since September 2013, and here I am going insane almost every night.. it was like battle I have to go through every night to put all 3 of them to bed.. 

Zoe the youngest is a light sleeper.. she awake easily if there is noise.. So after full day of tiredness and hours of nursing and changing diaper.. finally she goes to sleep at nights then here comes the kor kor Marcus trying to talk to mummy in his loud tone.. then this little missy Zoe wake up again.. after many round of convincing gor gor to go to his room and his bed.. finally he went out.. then i nurse and nurse and finally little miss Zoe went back to sleep again.. then here come jie jie Chloe.. come in and want mummy to sing song with her.. and little miss Zoe awake again.. omg.. help me pls.. repeat and repeat the process until finally little miss zoe sleep soundly..

then this tired mummy has to entertain the two big ones in their room and making them to sleep.. if sometimes lucky they may already asleep by then.. but most of the time no.. unless papa at home and help up to make them to bed.. all the routine we practising all these while gone haywire after the arrival of our newborn... or i should say already gone haywire by the last trimester of my pregnancy with Zoe..

hmmm.. i am thinking when will I have the routine back? When I can just sing song, say a prayer and off light then they go to sleep on their own? when? when? when? (used to be a few months like this before)

My Dear GOD, please give me patience!! Amen..

Please share tips with me if you have gone through the same.. :)

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