Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Waiting .. 期待 。。

 The dates drawing nearer and nearer.. and I felt the time passing by slower and slower.. the feeling of anticipating.. the feeling of waiting.. the feeling of don't know when its going to happen.. the feeling of don't know when it is "ripen" enough and my royal highness baby will grand her entrance into my arms.. these feeling are special.. and is the first time I experience these too.. It is a pure new excitement.. a pure new experience even though this is not my first delivery.. :P

(a diy self portrait at home.. today @39 weeks 1 day - tummy size 44.25" and weighted 65.3kg)

Oh baby! my baby! when are you getting ready to see mama??
Oh baby! my baby! we are all ready for you and waiting for you to be ready!!
Oh baby! my baby! who will you look alike? Will you have the same look like your Marcus gor gor and Chloe Jie Jie?

Oh baby! my baby! mama loves you and waiting patiently and calmly for your arrival soon!!
Oh baby! my baby! Thanks for coming to mama.. and helping mama to overcome all the phobia mama has... I know we will together made it a gentler birth and a birth mama dream of..
Oh baby! my baby! be safe and be healthy!!

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