Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pregnancy Exercise @ Fit for 2

This pregnancy I also do exercise at Fit for 2.. the different is i not only going to yoga class but is a mixture of Pregnancy yoga class, Pregnancy Pilates class and attended once Pregnancy Fitball class.. The classes are all conducted at Fit for 2 at Bangsar Village 2. 
As per my last pregnancy I have been going to yoga class and swimming.. which is way better than no exercise during pregnancy.. which exercise really makes different for during and after the labour/delivery.. the energy level and recovery also faster compare to no exercise at all.. so I would strongly recommend all pregnant lady to do some sort of exercise during pregnancy.. which the best is swimming... and I think next will be yoga or some sort of stretching exercise. . 
I am proud of myself that I have complete another course of exercise this round too.. I have one last class to go only!! shall complete it within this week.. and hopefully then baby coming out soon!! 
 I signed up package this round too.. which cost me about RM40 per class. if add hoc basis will cost each class RM50. 
One of the pic I took myself during the class.. :) 

Link to my old post related to Fit for 2 and pregnancy exercise. 

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