Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hynobirthing - The Mongan Method

This is the course I attended.. even thought I not attended the full class but I have finished reading this book.. and also I truly understand what is birth all about.. and there are many myth and misconception about birth of most or majority of people around me.. when I mentioned I am going to do hynobirthing or waterbirth this round.. they will goes amused and ask why? is it safe? got such thing meh? one of my colleague even said she prefer to be totally knock out and then wake up and her baby is out!! hmm.. they view birth as suffering.. they view birth as pain and torture.. so what is this hynobirthing all about? It is actually an ancient method whom our old old generation adopt in child birthing.. but due to the medication advancement and all bi li ba la.. now birthing become a norm that medication intervention are normal.. but in fact majority woman can birth without any complication.. this method is about totally understand what is birthing about.. and uses relaxation techniques, breathing techniques and so on in the birthing process.. 

My dream is that every woman, everywhere, will know the joy of a truly safe, comfortable and satisfying birthing for herself and her baby. ~Marie F. Morgan

above is quoted from the book.. by the founder of this method.. I would strongly recommended any pregnant mummy to consider to understand this method and also to truly understand what is birth and gentle birthing about that's can help you and your baby.. I hope with this method I can have a better experience and also a birth that can help me to overcome all my phobia.. a birth that I dream of.. a birth that I visualised.. a satisfying birth.. or even if can an orgasmic birth.. :) 

If you would like to know more and understand more about this.. you may go to this website to read more and attend the course to help you to totally understand what is Hynobirthing all about.. 

Also Thanks Wai Han who letting me to join the classes even though the class is already fully occupied.. thanks for her to give me the chance to understand more about birthing.. truly appreciated it.. 

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