Friday, September 13, 2013

Confinement Products from Pei Ling

Again this round confinement is coming real soon.. and I also bought something from Pei Ling this round too.. they have improved in their packaging compare to two years ago.. :) So this is 4th time I am using their products.. i can't tell if is really good but it is convenient as in the packaging and they sent it to my home.. 
 Herbal bath for me here 30 days.. 
 this believe to "buang angin" expelled wind from the body..  
 this is their herbs convenient drinks.. got 4 types inside which cater for each weeks of your confinement.. and act according to the need of confinement.. is convenient no need to cook.. just put hot water and drink.. I did take and eaten this for the past few rounds too.. i eat too many things.. so i can't tell if is real good or not.. but I feel much better after each confinement I had.. in term of my health.. so this round am getting this again too.. 
10 days bath for baby.. dry shampoo.. ginger body wash.. and Jewel for 2nd month after finished the "shu he yuan".. 

This round I not sure if I will order confinement catering food from them or not after my confinement lady left.. will see how and update and shared if I do.. 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne,

I njoy very much reading your blog and TQ very much in sharing all the interesting posting with us.

I currently looking for confinement auntie as I'll due next year . Appreciate if u cud provide me the contact for auntie Lian Jie and auntie Tai as it is really hard to find good confinement auntie.

Thank you very much .
My email add is


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