Monday, September 16, 2013

Clarins Huile "Tonic" Oil - for Pregnancy and stretch marks controls

This round I am using this oil through out my pregnancy.. and it is really good oil that I don't have problem at all with my super huge stretched skins.. I don't feel dry or even itchy for my tummy.. (my all previous pregnancy I got very itchy tummy and stretch marks emerges for each of every new pregnancy even though I use other stretch marks control cream or ointment).. This was recommended by a friends.. and she commended that a few of her friends used this and don't have any stretch marks for their tummy or it is very minimal.. I also introduce this oil to my cousin and she also have good review on this oil too.. so this round I am using this oil through out and to my surprise my tummy really don't have problem of itchiness.. dryness.. also touch wood so far not much new stretch marks emerged.. even thought I have such a huge tummy (the biggest after all my previous pregnancy).. 
So I strongly recommend this oil for you.. although it is a bit pricey but the effect is real good.. one bottle is RM195 if not remembered wrongly.. and how to use is very simple.. I just apply on wet tummy after bath.. it recommend to rinse off.. but i didn't.. i just leave it to absorb into my tummy.. and slightly towel dry only.. 
now I am using the 3rd bottles of this oil for this pregnancy.. I hope after delivery this can help me to tone up my tummy too!! finger cross!! :) 
 you may get this product over any Clarins counter in Parkson or supermarket.. this is actually their best selling products I was told.. And I bought it during Parkson sales which we can entitle double voucher when you purchase things at Parkson. so you may wait during that season to purchase to safe some money.. getting voucher to buy other stuffs in parkson.. :) 
I also bought one of their strech mark control cream.. coz it was on promo package together with the oil when I purchase my 2nd bottle of this oil.. I apply after bath and tonic oil.. 

hope the above review helps!! Happy pregnancy!! 

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