Saturday, August 10, 2013

Golden Palm Tree Resort - Our 6th Wedding Anniversary

Another overdue post.. :) 

Many years anniversary is not a highlight celebration for us.. simply because it is just the very next day of my birthday.. so we will normally just had dinner out to celebrate my birthday together with anniversary together.. this year a little special.. my hubby proposed to go somewhere.. and he booked a room at Golden Palm Tree Resort, Sepang to celebrate our 6th Anniversary.. so we get a get away from the busy works and city.. Its is a nice place to go for me.. relax and not too far away from our home.. just about an hour drive.. we still have some sort of holiday feel.. :P 
one thing not so nice is about the food.. chinese restaurant food is okay.. but their international buffet is very bad.. and also the down part is so many flies during dinner time.. we cant have dinner in peace.. geram betul.. 
This is the view of the small infinity swimming pool.. and for kids is simple they are very happy if gets to play water!! hehe.. so they are happy for this trip too.. 
 the resort is quite big.. so we got to wait for buggy car for transport from the main lobby to our room and the centre of the resort.. they do rent bicycle too.. 
 our room.. the master king size bed.. 
 room for the kids and maid.. 
 small living hall and two room separated by the partition.. and the roof is opened as one.. 
 is windy and chilling to sit at the balcony for a cup of coffee.. 
 my little happy boy posing for the camera.. 
 the view from the balcony.. 
 swimming or water play is the happiest time.. opss.. look at my giant tummy.. 
 my happy boy.. 
our family pic.. lol the best look like this.. 
Happy Anniversary Dada.. 

6 years before.. This day.. We said ´yes.. I do!´ in the witness of our God, family and friends.. Today our family has expanded from 2 to 4 and very soon happy family of 5.. I thanks God for these.. Also thanks my dear hubby to be with me too.. Hope we have many more 6 years together and cherish every moment together. Happy 6th anniversary DaDa

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