Saturday, August 17, 2013

FRIM Kepong Waterfall - Sand and Water Play

Will recommend anyone to bring your kids to go this place for a play.. cheap and kids can enjoy and nature.. the water is clean and clear.. and place is suitable for baby and toddler too.. the water is swallow and they can just sit and enjoy the cooling waterfall while playing with the sands... It is nearby and doesn't need to walk very far deep in for it too.. just about 5 min walks from the car park.. 

we brought them to have some fun.. a good place to hang out abt 1-2 hours for kids.. :) then we head to find some yummy lunch around the area.. :) 
 Marcus and Chloe both playing with the sand.. 
 this is the place.. and we bring a picnic mat so we can place our bags and we can sit down and relax too.. the place is quite cooling and we doesn't really feel hot even is about 11-12pm.. 
 the little girl starting to enjoy herself.. :) 
 Gong gong and po po also join this time.. 
 two of them look so much alike right?? 
 we continue to play.. ng choy lei.. hahaha
Marcus also enjoy splashing away with his daddy.. 

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