Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Educational Trip - KK Playgroup - Fire Station Visit - Aug 2013

Thanks to Auntie Joo Ann who help organise this field trip for our little ones.. it is a fun trips and educational one for our little one to see and touch and feel the real fire engine.. and they are so fascinated with it.. my Marcus is extremely excited.. he keep saying Ei O Ei O Ei O (sound of the fire engine) and tell me mummy see "Fire Engine"!!! He really love and enjoy this trip very much!! 
Chloe also not bad.. she also love exploring around.. and she is happy too!! 
 look my little girl on the huge bike.. looking cool!! 
 The little ones.. they are just too cute.. 
 oh.. we adult also learning something through this visit too.. and this is the classroom we are listening to briefing about fire safety and how to escape and all if there is fire happened at home.. 
 then the fun began.. the little one can climb up and sit inside the fire engine.. and they are all looking so happy.. i not sure while taking this picture.. both of them looking at what.. lol 
 little Chloe insist want to sit on her own here.. 
 ops.. he said he want to drive fire engine.. my little man has all grown up suddenly!! 
 hehe.. this is too cute isn't?
 ok.. he is not really happy with the helmet.. hahaha
 the sweet little mei mei got and give gor gor a hug and said dont be sad gor gor.. 
 he is so happy and exploring and climbing everywhere.. 
 Another fun session for the little one to hold the water hose.. everyone get their turn to play with it oh!! 
 Chloe is playing with it.. and look she is so serious about it.. :P
 he is more happy to be a driver i think.. 
 Mei Mei let's gor gor drive you to rescue ppl.. 
Group pictures of our visit this round.. ops.. I look damn chubby here.. :( 

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