Monday, August 12, 2013

Baby in the Oven - @ 33 weeks

Has been dragging and keep delaying my own pregnancy shoot.. but at the end we still make to do it @ 33 weeks pregnant.. :P.. this is kind of DIY shoot at my cousin studio.. she help me with make up and help me to shoot the pictures too.. editing done by myself.. nothing fancy just some simple editing.. 
at least we have some picture to keep sake and to keep memory.. :) 
 my tummy bigger than my hubby oh!!! 
 I love this one.. and I feel myself aging a lot!! getting old dy.. 
 my girl insist me the one who wear the headband instead of she wearing it.. she put it on for me.. :P I love her cheeky smiles here.. 
 ok one proper one with my hubby.. 
and finally my cheeky boy willing to snap pic with me.. and look at that cheeky face!! 

This pregnancy is very similar to all my previous pregnancy.. just my tummy is super huge.. and my lower back pain is killing me every other day.. I hope baby is growing healthy and happy.. hope to see her soon.. :) 

@ 33 weeks
tummy width 42.5" (too big!!)


Unknown said...

oh its really touching..

Yenn said...

so sweet and lovely photos! and really love the way you take all the photos. feel so warm and blessed. =)

Salma Othman said...

so nice.i hope to get one for my next pregnancy too.


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