Monday, July 22, 2013

Uncle Mark & Auntie Anna Visit Us from Australia

Forgot how long I have know my friend Mark.. it has at least 10 years I think.. and he loves to come to Malaysia for holiday.. so when he came by we will try to catch up here.. and this round we had a good chit chatting and I cooked them a dinner at home.. Just a simple home cook and healthy meal.. :) 
 Leek with tofu and minced pork
 Onion omelete
 stir fried vegi with garlic
oven roasted chicken.. this round we marinate since morning and the taste is much better..
 some group picture before they went back to the hotel.. my cute little chloe insisted to sit in between Uncle Mark and Auntie Anna.. she is too cute!! :P
oh yeah.. is hard to get a perfect group pic especially involved more than a kids.. lol.. either one will not look at the camera.. :P

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rennylesa said...

can you share your recipe for the 1st picture?

renny - ur silent reader

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