Tuesday, July 30, 2013

HE will always Understand!!

This video message bring tears to my eyes.. as you all know that I got my first baby still born.. I always don't understand why God did this to me.. but suddenly this message knock me up.. God surely knew how I felt.. because He lost his Son too!! 

I Give Thanks to God to give me this baby in surprise.. I Thank God for him to let me experience two homebirth by all nature and enjoyable one.. I Thank God for letting me to know about hynobirthing.. I Thank God for guiding me through these.. I really feel this is all His works in healing deep down inside me.. I really felt that.. I just told my hubby yesterday night.. I want this baby birth without induce.. I want this baby birth in all nature way.. because I know this is HIS plan.. and I can overcome all my phobia and has a enjoyable and gentle birth this round..

Baby mummy love you!! see you soon.. 

"Just remember you loose a love one or a pet.. 
Always remember that...
God gave HIS son too..
and HE understand!!
He will always understand!!
He will always and just run to Him.."

1 comment:

AhJian said...

You're great mother, Yvonne!


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