Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Number 3 @ 30 weeks 5 days

recently I am really busy with family and works.. so didn't really have time to update my blog here.. but I didn't wish to missed to record down any moment that I had.. which I may soon forget.. this is why I keep my blog here.. so when I am old.. I can read and see back these beautiful memories.. 
would like to introduce our little baby baking in the oven.. I can visualise she is beautiful.. :) my pregnancy so far are okay.. as I am still active working and doing all my routing works.. baby is growing healthy.. and this round mummy is more relax and slumber too.. :) mummy also decide to goes all natural for this birth using hynobirthing techniques... and would like to do water birth too at Pantai Bangsar.. Hopefully, I can do it and I can make it.. 
I thank God that He gave me this baby in surprise.. and I think this is HIS plan.. and he also exposed me to hynobirthing and also let me witnessed two beautiful all natural homebirth with my own eyes.. I feel that HE is giving and helping me to heal my wound.. my pain.. my phobia.. and my past.. This baby will bring me empowerment.. this baby will bring me joys.. this baby will bring me enjoyable birth & hopefully an orgasmic birth??.. I welcome this baby with my open arms.. I welcome this baby to join my family.. 
mama loves you baby.. we can do it together.. as we are designed by our GOD to give birth and to be birth all naturally.. :) 
I thanks my hubby too.. he give me support on this.. and he willing to do this together with me.. I love you DaDa.. 
 my baby number 3 @ 24 weeks
 can you see she opened her mouth? baby @ 30 weeks 5 days old.. 
This is the picture right after the open mouth.. she closed her mouth after that.. :) 
oh the frontal view.. she got big nose just like her daddy :P 

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