Sunday, May 19, 2013

Scooter Play

after buying him the helmet.. knees, and arms guts.. i also feel more safe to let him play outdoor.. cause I know he is well protected with it.. even if he fall down while playing it will not hurt him too much directly.. so recently my little boy is really happy that he get to go out and play scooter, bicycle, etc.. but one rules.. he must finished his dinner early else the day is too dark for him to play out there too.. he is really enjoying playing with the scooter~~ 
 I asked him to pose for me to take picture. and this is his pose.. hehehe
 The little chloe also get to come out for a walk and watching the brother playing.. she is now like a sticky plaster.. once she see me she will just want to glued on to me.. some said is because she know that the "treat" is coming.. the little sister in the tummy and she start to get jealous and want more attention now.. is it too early for this?? aiyoyo... 
look my little marcus can play really good and he can goes really fast too!!! he is on good mood and he start singing his favorite song ABCD... hehehehe

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