Monday, May 27, 2013

Popular Warehouse Books Clearance Sales 2013

Oh well.. this is my first time going to Popular warehouse sales.. it is real bargain to buy books at warehouse sales compare to normal time.. The last round was BBW sales but I didn't go myself.. just asking friend to help to buy.. but this round I went myself coz I want to get some chinese books for my kids to read.. 
It is very very big crowd on day 1 preview sales.. the queue is super long and crazy.. my and hubby went there and decide not to buy anything and just do some window shopping.. and I went again on Sunday afternoon and the crowd is much more okay.. I manage to buy really lots of kids books :).. and am really happy!!! 

I brought this trolley along.. coz I know i will have no energy to carry the books after finished shopping.. smart choices.. coz it is fulled the whole trolley bag.. hahaha
 here are some activities books and Mandarin stories books.. many after discount cost abt RM1+ only.. 
 yeah more activity books.. sticker books.. colouring books for my Marcus boy.. 
 here some books even comes with Audio CDs.. and the only book i get for myself is the juicing recipe book.. the bottom left 3 books are a set.. Marcus loves it a lot.. inside got pop out and some activities that kids and pull and pocket window.. which made the book really interesting.. The middle row are all at RM3 each.. super worth it.. 
 ah.. i love these series.. inside is very cute cartoon with simple fact reading to guest what's the object and answer is at next page.. 
 these puzzle are the most expensive among all but still agreat bargin each box at RM13.90 instead of RM19.90.. and I like this puzzle a lot.. start playing with my chloe girl.. 
 dang dang.. a lot right?? lol.. I can open book store already.. 
 This taken just now when I read the books with him.. he show great interest at the books.. and we read twice each books.. :) 
 This is inside the book.. 
Oh yeah I already bought a lot books for them but all are english and none chinese.. so I tot is good to go to popular warehouse sales to get chinese books for the kiddos.. need to prepare them to go for chinese primary school in case we really send them to chinese primary school one day.. :) 

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