Thursday, May 23, 2013


oh yeah.. not first day I become mother myself.. and yet I am surprise i am mother of 2 now.. and soon going to be mother of 3.. still can't imagine i am a mother now!! not sure any of you have the same feeling?? I still feel like i am not ready to be a mother myself!! 
ok.. confession.. I get mad easily.. I get angry easily.. and I also get frustrated and lost my patient and my cool at my kids very often now.. why.. why.. why?? i always asked in my mind.. why can't him just listen to my instructions? why is that difficult just to move your ass and go to brush your teeth? why is that hard for you to eat your dinner without playing ipad/phone/watch TV?? why today you refused to go to your favorite gym class? why and why and why.. yucks.. i am sick with it!! help me.. 
you know what word I talk the most everyday? "Swallow"!!! meal time always a tough time for me.. I just don't get it why is it so difficult about eating.. about swallowing your food.. but eating get improved a little along this two two weeks.. at least we finished the dinner within an hour time.. but yet you still attached to phone or ipad.. yeah i feel bad about it.. but without it he won't eat at all?? how? sigh.. nothing perfect.. 
i just read another mother blogger blog just now and we had a very similar problems.. and it actually inspired me.. I think I will go and get this book to read "Appreciating your child".. 
in fact before this, I already try to tell myself to be relax.. can't finished dinner is okay.. at least he ate this much already.. eat with ipad and phone is okay at least he is eating.. yeah i tried to lower all my expectation over my kids.. and i feel better after that.. and now I think I need to be more RQ that I need to learn to appreciate how they are and what they are.. so I will be a happier mom.. 
oh!! Dear GOD, please give me wisdom.. please give me patient.. please give me power to love more and more day by day to my kids.. Amen

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Anonymous said...

Dear Yvonne,
I came across your blog.. m keen to on your confinement lady...
Appreciate if you could provide me both Lian Jie's & Auntie Ah Tai's number as am looking for confinement lady too. Auntie Tai's food looks delicious..!!!

Pls email to

Thanks and best regards....


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