Friday, May 3, 2013

Guilty Mummy

I feel super stress recently specially handling my Marcus boy.. he has his own thinking and his strong will is killing me and driving me up the wall every now and then.. so recently very often I will raise my temper at him.. and I feel so so helpless about this.. I not sure how to teach my little boy.. i.e: he insist to play with knife!!!! oh yeah.. something that is so dangerous.. but sometimes he is really sweet and cute and his smile just melted my heart as always.. 
and oh dear my boy.. mummy feel sorry that mummy raised temper at you.. mummy feel sad and regret after angry at you.. mummy feel so helpless at how to teach you.. mummy feel so bad mummy is a bad mummy.. mummy also feel so guilty after beating you.. mummy also feel guilty that giving you to play phone and ipad while feeding you dinner.. but that's the only way you will eat.. sigh.. really helpless and feel so bad about this..  
Sorry my little boy, and please forgive mummy if mummy is too harsh on you sometimes!! 
mummy really love you to bits.. please please be mummy good boy.. 
 cheeky little boy going to school.. 
so so cheeky.. and that the melting smiles.. 


YvonneYeo said...

Can let him play not so sharp knife with condition that he has to sit still n watched by adult. Hv to bargain n be win-win situation. Not easy yet kids show their will mean they r growing n thinking too. Jiayou n pray for you, Yvonne ^.^

Unknown said...

Sounds just like my boy. It really tested my patience. He really knows to push my button. Anyway, God will grant us, a mother a strength, patience and wisdom to handle our kids..


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