Thursday, May 16, 2013

Farm in The City - Seri Kembangan

Groupon having discount for Farm in the City.. and we also bought the ticket and went one of the Sunday in last few weeks.. It is a hot day.. but the kids are having fun in there.. The place is not very big but is not really stroller friendly.. as there are many stairs around the place.. so it is a good place to go with walking kid and toddler.. and the hit part is that the kids get to feed the animals.. and the animals are really near to them.. specially for toddler.. they cant only focus things that's in front of them.. so Chloe is very happy!!! 
 my little girl now lke to say "Bao" mean carry.. 
 The giant turtle.. 
 look.. not kidding is really big!! and look at the grins in their little face.. they are so happy that they get to feed the turtle.. 
 soon Marcus also want to feed the turtle too.. 
 and this Marcus really not scare at all.. i so scare the turtle bite his fingers.. he goes so near.. 
 mummy zoom from far away.. he is now has his own thinking and will.. he want to explore the place on his own.. and he will goes fast.. once he finished explore the place.. he can't wait to move to another place.. and keep asking us go go go.. 
 mummy and the little girl.. all the bunny is too fulled dy.. dont want to eat.. 
 I also not sure what is this.. type of rat?
 There is a pond and full of fish when u feeding the fish food.. 
 daddy and chloe feeding fishes.. 
 these two are really big!!!
 this is little tiny monkey.. 
 there are some parrots there too.. 
 flying fox.. first time mummy see this.. 
 oh yeah.. we go together with auntie June.. look at chloe smiling so happily.. 
group pic when on the way out.. 

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