Thursday, April 4, 2013

Tupperware - Twinkle Tup - 6 - 18 months series - Review

 I was invited to attend the media launching and also review the latest baby and toddler series of Tupperware, which they called it as Twinkle Tup last week.. This is also my very first time to be a "Media".. feel a bit excited too!! I though it is something useful for both of my kids, that's why I decided to do it.. 
They given me the set for both Baby and Toddler few weeks before the launching.. and from there I really like the concept, color, and durability of these products. Will talk about this in more details later.. 
below are some picture I took during the launching.. :)
The Event venue fully decorated like a baby party.. 
This is the launching of the Twinkle Tup by the cute littles angles.. 
 According to them this products has been develops for years.. they have focus group of mums and even involved a Child Developmentalist and Montessori Trainer to design and develop these products.. sound impressive as they are not aiming for just a "tupperware" like food containers but also making it fun just like another toy for the kids, as well as keep in mind to help the kids for their motor skills.. 
two celebrity moms are invited to the launching too.. 

Product review of the Twinkle Tup - 6 - 18 months
oh yeah.. i love this one the most!! little Twinkle snack cup.. this is same as their other one touch system... which is really air tight so it is real good to keep those biscuit and snacks for the little one when we were out and about.. below pictures taken when we were at bank!!! she was happy munching away the biscuits.. The size is just right for their little hands too.. 
This is another product under this range.. twinkle training cup.. I like the colours.. it is so colourful and making during water a happy event.. But due to she is already trained drinking from cups since 4 month old.. and she prefer to drink the water this way.. and she want to do it herself.. LOL
 Look at her.. pouring water from the cup into the cover and then hold the cover and drink the water on her own.. 
 Does this picture said it all? a satisfied little baby with the cups.. hahahaha (she like to sit like a little samseng!!)
 Last but not least.. she now want to try to feed herself.. 
 The above is the Twinkle Easy Grip Bowl Spoon.. Its actually mean more for a mother to use it while we need to handle the baby and feeding at the same time.. but since she want to try feeding herself so I might as well let her learn right??? But I think soon got to upgrade her to the Kidz Set as the spoon is easier to hold with big handles.. 
From my own use, the big handle that you can see from the picture. It made really easy to grips and hold the bowl while feeding.. the color is sharp and its does look like a toys then just a bowl of boring porridge..   hehehe.. one cool stuff about this is the spoon can actually rest on the bowl itself.. 
 Haaam... yummy oh!!! 
Another satisfied little customer here.. 

Price: the whole set cost RM51.50 (PM).. which i think is very affordable price which it come with Lifetime warranty... 

Ok now, some of the product highlights for you.. 

*BPA Free
*Made from Food Grade Material 
*Color Safe
*Child Safe (no sharp edges, spill-proof, durable)
*Dishwasher safe
*Lifetime warranty (flexible straw and straw brush are not covered under the Tupperware Lifetime warranty).

 I will review the Kidz Set in another post later when I have time... :P 

In case you are interested to get your little one one set of these.. you can contact Tupperware

and FB fanpage: 

Last share with you this cute little intro of these tupperware.. 

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