Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Pretty Mum Contest 2013

 An extraordinary experience for myself to participate in a "Pretty Mum Contest" organised during the Parents Kids and Baby Expo 2013 at Sunway Conventional Center last month. Thanks to Verance who ask me to joined her for this contest.. Oh yeah.. I never thought I will join any beauty contest before.. LOL.. but since this is a contest for mummy.. so I thought just try my luck and see.. 
It required to do cat walk and also a question and answer session.. yeah I am sucks at Cat walking.. lol..  very shy and no confident I think.. That's why my hubby told me too.. Cat walk isn't as easy as I imagine.. and I didn't practise and think how to walk prior on stage.. so I am very kalang kabut lah.. :P but after all it is still a nice experience for remembrance.. something I did for first time in my life.. 
I got myself number 5 in this contest.. and I won a "Safe and Sound" car seat also a small hamper.. its just nice since our baby number 3 is coming soon... oh yeah.. you didn't read wrongly.. yes I am expecting baby number 3 again.. :P 
 Thanks to Li Fen who help me do such a pretty make up on me.. :P 
 This is the small stage.. 
I think this is the introduction session.. Photo taken from Amvory Facebook.. 
Another picture from Amvory facebook page.. 
 And yes my friend Verance won number 1 for this contest.. big congrats to her.. 
This taken after the contest when we reached home.. it is so tiring but a happy moment to recall when grow old later.. and yeah yeah baby number 3 is coming!!! look at my cute little bump bump.. :) 


KC said...

Pretty mommy, you look gorgeous and all ready for no 3!

Anonymous said...

Wow, congrats for ur 3rd baby...

And yes, u really look great mummy :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats for your 3rd coming baby...

And yes, u look absolutely pretty mummy :)


Carmen Lees Eyebrow said...

Pretty mommy, congratulations 3rd baby coming:-)


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