Friday, April 5, 2013

Hot Balloon Festival 2013

On last Sunday Evening, we thought just bring our kids to see the Hot Balloon Festival at Putrajaya.. and I thought they will be very fascinated with the big big balloons.. I asked Marcus do you want to go see big big balloon? He knock his head.. hehe.. my cutie Marcus.. Once we reached there I can feel Marcus is fascinated and excited about the balloons.. they are actually setting up and balloons when we arrived at around 6pm.. so we get to see it.. but due to too big crowd so we didnt managed to see nearly.. 
 Marcus can't leave his eyes from the balloons.. 
 Chloe still too young to appreciate what's happening here.. or maybe she still short sighted.. LOL.. not interested with far away object.. 
 Again.. Marcus can't leave his eyes from the balloons.. hehe
 ops.. this is cute..
 Hot Balloons are setting up.. 
 so difficult just want to take a pic of him.. look at his unwilling face.. 
 Chloe is hot and cranky.. oh yeah this is our temp maid.. 
 papa face so big.. lol
 more balloons is up.. 
 cranky baby just want mummy to carry... 
 look at the crowd.. i feel want to pengsan.. 
 the most pretty one we saw.. 
ok one last picture before we go home.. look at his cheeky face.. this is how he take picture recently... pattern banyak banyak.. tak boleh tahan.. lol.. 

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