Friday, April 12, 2013

Honeydew Bird Nest Recipe

This is pretty simple to made.. And thanks for my friend Verance who share this recipe with me.. and she said her friend told her this can help prevent jaundice in newborn baby.. advise to eat this every week once after 7 month pregnant.. hope this help.. but this is just yummier compare to the tradisional way of making it.. As it smell very nice honeydew... 

Step 1: Put bird nest in water until it soften.. (takes abt an hour) 
Step 2: cut off the top of honeydew and use a spoon to dig the seed out.. 
Step 3: put the bird nest in the honeydew - no add water in the honeydew.. 
Step 4: then place the whole honeydew in double boiler like pic number 2. inside the pot no water too.. 
Step 5: put the double boiller pot in the double boiler and put water outside just like shown in pic number 3 and cook for 4 hours 
Step 6: you may taste the nest and add some rock sugar if you want.. then pure of nest out and enjoy! 
 The ingredients and step 1 and 2 
 Step 3 & 4 
 Step 5
 Dang dang dang.. is done!! 
Step 6.. and enjoy!! 

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