Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kakak Went Home

Today we sent off our maid Rose to airport as she decided not to extend her service with us (as I feel she want to go to work in Singapore or so).. after two years of living together make me feel sentimental and sad when sending her off this afternoon.. I can't say her work with us is 100% well.. but overall she really did help me a lot with the house chores and taking care of the kids so I have time to work.. and yeah.. I am really easy to cry type of person.. so while driving on our way to airport in the car I already start crying but I actually try my very best not to cry!! at one end I feel sad.. another end I feel stress.. because I have to handle everything by myself now.. coz my new maid is yet to arrive.. I hope the new kakak will be good as well.. really hiring maid is just depend on lucks. hope i have luck this round too.. 
I wish Rose farewell.. and hope she back home safely and reunion with her son and family.. and also appreciate her helps for us these two years.. in fact, we already treat her as part of our family too.. hope she get her happiness.. :) 
after get back home I was really busy with the kids and so on.. then I asked Marcus.. where is kakak Rose? he said.. no more kakak rose.. I think he understand and know what's happening.. 
before going off to the airport.. let take one last picture.. and normally marcus don't want to take picture on.. surprisingly he is very cooperative and look at his cheeky smiles.. 
 us at the check in counter.. 
one last picture together before kakak went in the gate.. 

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