Monday, February 4, 2013

Aquaria KLCC, Malaysia

the nearest underwater world in KL which you may bring your kids to explore about is Aquaria KLCC , which located at KLCC conventional center. we bought some discounted ticket during MATA fair.. so one sunday we just make our way to Aquaria KLCC for the visit.. It is not a big place but we can explore inside and slowly talk with the kids on the things we see and they are allowed to touch some of the fishes at the explorer center.. It takes 30minutes to 1hours depending on how fast you walk through the center.. 
 this is human eating fish.. yes they eat human.. be mindful of your fingers!!!
 we bump into my old old friend Iskandar at the center... he working there for years.. 
 this is the explorer center i mean.. they have different aquarium which allow you to hold and touch the fishes.. 
 Chloe is very serious looking at the things inside the aquarium.. 
 is very hard to captured his picture nowadays.. he move too fast!!! 
 Chloe said: see aligator???
 this is what happened when we try to attempt for family picture.. one looking at the fish and one looking at the shoe.. lol
 snake year is coming.. and look at this green snake.. very seldom see this active snake!! Its moving up and down.. very geli for me!!! 
my blur queen Chloe!!!

Pls visit for more information should you interested to visit Aquaria KLCC..

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