Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Kitchen Hood and Hobs - Fujioh

Finally i have the time to write an review of my Fujioh Hood and hobs.. I had written one back in 2009 when we decide to buy Fujioh and a simple comparison among the brands i study last time. After almost 3 years ++ usage of the Hood and hobs.. oh well we cook almost everyday for two meals (lunch and dinner).. I am very happy with this Hood and hobs.. its simple and easy to use.. as well as it is very effective.. hardly the whole kitchen will be oily but the oil that fly everywhere specially when you flying something is still unavoidable..  so far the Hood and hobs are good for me and my Chinese style cooking.. :P If you have budget and thinking which hood and hobs is right for you..I will recommend this for you.. compare to the Eerogaz that I had last time this one is much easier for cleaning.. 
 this is the main filter that we can take out easily to wash.. 
 the oil cups that collecting the oil.. yeah.. i know that's a lot of oil.. i don't know how long my maid didn't clean it.. :P 
 we actually call for a service to deep cleaning the whole thing with chemical.. which is like after 3 years of usage.. 
 these are the things that need to be wash.. 
 the technician help cleaning inside of the hobs too.. 

this is how it look like after we open everything.. 

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