Thursday, January 17, 2013

Chloe My Princess

My little baby has grown up so much.. when I look back at her baby photos.. I feel so emotional.. my baby and precious little baby has grown up so much and now she is a toddler already.. but to me she will be forever mummy's little baby.. 
she is still a happy go lucky baby.. she smile at you.. she like to hi 5.. she kiss us everyday!! yeah, she like to kiss us.. she will dance once she hear music.. she start crawling on four finally.. and she pull herself to stand and cruise around the furniture.. but she is still very careful type and she haven't stand without holding on something.. we are waiting to see when she will take the courage to walk her 1st step in her life.. 
at one end hope she grow up faster.. at the other end hope she forever stay to be my baby.. the feeling is so complicated.. I think only mummy will understand how I feel.. but it is such a pleasure to see her grown up everyday.. I Thanks GOD for that.. 
Baby Chloe.. Mummy Love you!! 

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Anonymous said...

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