Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chloe's the sleeping beauty..

long time didn't update my blog here due to my very very busy schedule.. busy with work.. with family.. with kids..
though to share a picture of my sweetie pie Chloe.. taken during one of the afternoon nap this week.. 
my sweetie pie now a toddler.. she has her own mind.. and own thinking.. she has her own likes and dislikes too.. oh dear.. my girl is growing up too fast.. mummy very emotional.. one hand hope she stay baby forever.. the other hand she grown up fast.. 
oh yeah.. am still breastfeeding her.. i cherish every moment I had with her during nursing.. I hope I can do as long as i can.. 
my girl.. mummy love you.. 
Chloe @ 1 y 2 mo 1 w old

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