Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bentong Good Food: Yuen Kee Cafe (源记茶餐室): Hooi Kee (开记云吞面)

Long time didn't have time to blog.. was really busy recently.. yesterday I was loading pictures from my Sony camera.. and I saw these pictures of Bentong last month on 11 November 2012.. we went there together with friends to eat and buy one whole basket of durian back to KL.. 
One of the famous Wan Tan mee at Bentong.. recommended by our friend CK.. The restaurant was packed and we got no place to sit.. so can imagine how good the business is!!! :P
And yeah is delicious!!!
 the stall.. 
 hot hot hot... 
 The price tag.. nowadays everything price increased!! even at small town like Bentong.. one bowl of Wan Tan Mee also need RM3.80 for small one.. 
 Green Chili is a must if eating Wan Tan Mee.. 
 Dang Dang Dang.. we wait for very long for this... 

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