Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sunway Lagoon - Kuala Lumpur - Cuti-cuti Malaysia

Okay.. we are here in KL for tons of years.. but we never been to Sunway Lagoon before.. yeah is funny... but we just didn't though to go there.. so last week during the public holiday while we dilemma on where to go.. my hubby and his friends said let's go to Sunway Lagoon.. so we set and go on the day.. which it is very near to the place we stay actually.. so we went to the ticketing counter to purchase the ticket.. oh well.. if you plan to go remember to bring your Mykad which you will entitle for 25% discount on your ticket with each Mykad.. 
 ok below you can see the rates clearly.. so we purchased 3 parks.. water park + amusement park + wildlife park.. adult if RM60 and kids above 3 year old is RM48.. 
 the entrance.. 
 yeah it is quite a hot day.. but not very very hot.. yet my marcus boy face are pinky red.. he is just so cute right?
 my princess chloe is as normal.. she is a happy baby always.. 
 ok here you go.. us with our ticket watch.. with this u can actually top up $$ inside it so you will need to have wallet with you during the water play.. you can jut lock away all your valuer in the locker for rent RM15 for small locker and RM30 for luggage locker.. and this watch will be programme for the locker key too.. cool right?? 
 look we have 4 adults.. and 3 kids and 1 baby.. obviously chloe's hand is not in.. :) 
 there is this Halloween and look at this so scary..  
 we are looking at the tiger.. 
 we walk through the wild life park.. which is quite well maintain.. and there are lots of trees which you will not feel you are under the hot sun.. this is actually to my surprise that inside is this huge!!!
 my cheeky chipmunk.. 
 Chloe also looking at the animals.. 
 there is bird parks that you can see the bird fly freely.. 
 look at this bird.. and she just poo.. 
 the monkey.. 
 here with our friend Uncle Tony and Steven. with the monkey.. 
 the petting zoo was a hit for the toddler.. which they can touch and pet the little animal.. Marcus touched rabbit and tortoise.. 
 Look at the birds.. 
 see they are eating.. 
 this too.. corn in the hand.. 
 after the water park.. we went for the dry park rides.. below marcus was in the tea cups.. 
 the brave one went for longest hanging bridge.. 
 look at my back?? there is two tigers here.. 
 ok the most happening park.. the wet park.. marcus is so so so happy.. 
 Chloe also enjoy herself.. 
 mummy is doing the NIP on the floats.. 
 my happy girl.. 
 we sit on the float all together and went for a round trip.. 
overall the sunway lagoon trip are fun.. and we were there for half a day only.. with young kids.. I don't think we can spend one whole day in there.. they are very tired.. but everyone enjoyed ourselves there.. 


Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

I also never been here before. Haha!

coach to sunway lagoon said...

The Sunway lagoon in KL is a fun fulled place and you will enjoy going it with your family

FloraLuvEden said...

great post, was thinking where to bring my 15month boy. this place seems fun, i hope he'll enjoy it there.


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