Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Stomach Flu (Gastroenteritis)

Learn something new today!! "Stomach Flu".. Marcus was vomiting at least 4-5 times yesterday night while he was asleep.. and this morning he seem okay, so after half of his normal breakfast . we sent to school.. who know he vomit another two times in the school.. so teacher called me and informed me about that.. and I was worry so brought him to hospital to see paediatrician.. but, before having it checked I tried to do some online research and asking around of circles of mom's . and we thought he might having Stomach Flu.. and yes.. is confirmed by Doctor that he is having Stomach Flu.. 

What is Stomach Flu?   - a kind of contagious viruses that he might get it from school or else where.. less likely to be food in this case as him and us are having the same food and everyone else in the home is okay.. Doctor Cheah told me these virus can incubate in the body for 1 week before showing up any sickness.. so he might get this from school or maybe play gym with this dirty hand?? 

so in Marcus's case is he has numerous vomiting after eating or drinking.. and doctor said may followed by diarrhoea.. doctor also advise no solid food for him temporarily until his vomiting stops. and advised us to give him small amount of milk through out the day.. 

So now I will give him the anti vomiting suppository which prescribes by the Doctor.. and I will give him Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) also give him small amount of milk as nutrition drinks and to keep him hydrated... 

How to prevent? keep the hand clean always.. washing hands more regularly . so now I have to keep washing my hand so the virus will not spread to me or Chloe mei mei.. 

Wish my Marcus boy speedy recovery.. 


Paulina said...

Get well soon, Marcus!

Mui Ngee 美儀 said...

Hmm.. Never heard about that also. Think is also known as food poisoning gua.. Hope he will recover fast~


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