Monday, October 22, 2012

My Poor Boy - Wheezing Again

My poor little boy who just got hospitalised for his lung wheezing problems again.. and very unwillingly to accept that doctor said he might be asthmatic.. due this this already happened the 3rd time since July 2012, for the first time doctor told me is virus infection which is not Asthma.. the 2nd time was due to his Peanut allergy.. this round we don't know what's trigger it.. I really not willing to accept that my boy has Asthma.. But we need to be strong and observance enough to tell if he has problems or not as his speech development is still not up to the standard that he will tell me that he can't breath or he is not feeling well.. I am still feeling sad to this news.. will try to find out what cause this happened and also will try to bring him to homoeopathy for natural healing.. 
but he seem to feel happy to go to hospital and he was very cooperative for all the procedures like checking his oxygen and heartbeat.. sitting for nebulizer and also let doctor to listen to his lung.. he is really a good boy.. He was jumping and active still even though he has difficulty in breathing.. 
My hubby and I was joking that we feel like he is happy that he has a hospital getaway stay.. but touch wood.. i won't hope any of this to happened again.. I hope he can recover from this asap.. 
Pray to God that he will be fine and this is not Asthma!! 
 my poor little boy.. 
 he get boring with sitting for the nebulizer.. 
he is sleeping at the hospital.. 
My dear son.. mummy wish you recover at earliest and stay healthy always.. 

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Grace said...

Hi Yvonne,

It is a good idea to own a nebulizer machine. My boy is also prone to lung congestion, and if he gets a bit wheezy, I will get him on the nebulizer with ventolin. I always stock up my ventolin nebulas in case he needs it. The next day he is all fine. Hope this helps.


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