Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Gong Gong!!

Last weekend we purposely drive back to home town to celebrate Gong Gong aka grandfather's 74th Birthday.. it is just a simple dine out lunch with singing happy birthday song followed by cake cutting.. yeah as normal our Marcus is super happy about singing happy birthday song, blow candles, and cake cutting.. maybe he think it is his birthday again.. LOL
 Gong Gong, Po Po and Papa.. 
 us the adult.. 
 marcus and daddy is happily playing the party blowing out toys.. 
 he is so funny as he cant blow hard enough to have the peep peep sound.. so he made it own sound effect while he blowing.. hahahaha
my forever cute and pretty chloe.. 
The famous Dark and dishes @ Star Restaurant.. 
A simple cake... which is very nice as it is not so sweet..  
 The Birthday Gong Gong with a cute little mickey mouse hat.. 
 Mei Mei also wearing the hat.. 

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