Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Excel's Millenniums, ACT, and NOCO - For better Lung and breathing system

After the recent hospitalization, friends recommend these Millenniums, ACT and NOCO from Excel as supplement to improve Marcus's wheezing problem.. and a few mothers said its helps their kids after a few months of consumption. they see improvement on their kids.. so i hope these can help Marcus too.. Will update if these help or not later on.. 
I always think natural supplement will be better than medication. so I do really hope this will help Marcus.. finger cross!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Yvonne, Sharon here. This is highly recommended. I actually wanted to introduce u this product after read ur post on marcus hospitalize. My both kids having these now for about half year time and touch wood to say that they never fall sick even with all the cool drinks. My girl's sinus obviously getting better. You can actually try out the millenium powder forn instead of liquid because the powder giving double the effect if the liquid. And powder also more economical compare to liquid. I normally gave half pack each day and for one box they actually took 2 mths time to finish it which for the liquid only one mths

Unknown said...

It has been a year now from your act and noco post. Is your child better now? I have tried putting my son (3+) on both products since June (without Millenium though). But doesn't seem to help much and recently he got bronchitis again.So would like to know more.


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